Our 服务


制造业 就是我们所做的. 服务 我们是谁.

Fibergrate复合结构公司. is a global manufacturer of high performance fiberglass engineered solutions. In addition to manufacturing fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), Fibergrate提供本地化的销售团队, 设计及工程服务, project management and a state-of-the-art fabrication facility to support our customers and their special requirements. 


With our corporate headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Fibergrate employs 区域销售经理 who are locally based in major metropolitan cities throughout North America and around the globe. Because our 区域销售经理 live in your area, they are able to meet with you in-person and visit local job sites. This provides a better understanding of the needs and requirements of your project and any unique obstacles that you may have. Our sales team will work above and beyond to find the best product for you – even if it involves developing a custom solution that is right for your specific application. 


F - R - P设计与工程

With more than fifty years of structural engineering experience combined with an unmatched knowledge of composite material solutions, Fibergrate provides the most efficient engineering and design services. Fibergrate’s staff of registered professional structural engineers and drafters will provide you with innovative, 具有成本效益的, performance-proven solutions to meet your most difficult facility problems – even in the most demanding of environments.

Utilizing 切割-edge computer design and dimensional modeling technologies, Fibergrate’s Design Team can develop approval drawings for your project. These drawings allow you to verify that the materials designed meet with your specific project requirements. You can also check critical dimensions to confirm that all materials for your application will fit and function as anticipated. This ensures a hassle free and timely installation. If your project requires drawings and/or structural calculations sealed by a registered professional engineer, Fibergrate can provide these to any of the fifty states in the U.S. 188bet金宝搏Our设计团队, 点击这里.



When working with Fibergrate on a fabricated job, you are assigned a Construction Project Manager to facilitate the project and provide you with the best support possible. Fibergrate’s project management team works alongside our design and engineering teams at our manufacturing facility and is in constant contact with you and your local 区域销售经理. This constant communication allows your Construction Project Manager to be your single point of contact for project updates. We will work closely with you to reduce drawing turnaround times, 压缩交付时间表, and maximize on-site material handling and installation efficiencies.

G R P制造设施

Fibergrate prides itself on being a provider of engineered solutions. We have an in-house Fabrication 服务 Department that is equipped to provide turnkey, certified systems and solutions for a wide range of products. Our制造服务包括设计, 组件制造, 材料交付和最终施工. Managing these services in-house helps to ensure that your FRP application and installation meet all necessary performance requirements. Fibergrate will develop a final set of Installation Drawings for your fabricated materials. Rest assured - your fabricated materials will match to your initial approval drawings, and installation will be seamless and stress-free.

Fibergrate’s fabrication facility is at the forefront in composites fabrication - utilizing state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform machine work, 切割, drilling and coping of structural members amongst other tasks needed for the fabrication of FRP. The technology for these machines is integrated with our design and engineering software thus allowing the most precise cuts and drilling based on specific engineered drawings. This provides extreme accuracy and consistency among our fabricated materials.


Fifty years ago, out of his garage in Dallas, Texas, William C. Coonrod invented the first corrosion resistant fiberglass molded grating panel and Fibergrate was founded. 在过去的50年里, Fibergrate has provided solutions from the North Pole to the South Pole, 从德克萨斯到东京以及中间的所有地点.

The performance of our products are tried and tested under the most severe of conditions. In fact, we stand behind our products with a written 保修 that is three times longer than the industry standard.

While the performance of Fibergrate® fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) sets us ahead, Our服务使我们与众不同. 今天188bet金宝搏了解更多!